With thousands of satisfied customers around the world, Our Testimonial page is purely what our customers have reported whilst using our products such as our Magnetic Copper / Titanium Bracelets, Bangles and Rings. See what some of our customers have to say below.

After hearing through a friend the benefits of copper and magnets, I decided to purchase a titanium magnetic bracelet, as I like the design and that they can be worn all the time. (As they are waterproof). I have been wearing my bracelet for one month on and off and am very happy with the results. I have also got one for my mum who loves it.

- Mandy Shaw

Admittedly I was skeptical at first. However, I had seen the difference a copper bangle had on my partners joint pains so went and purchased one for myself. I was shocked! Noticed immediate aid for my joint pains and Arthritis pain. I can never be without my copper magnetic bangle now! Wonderful quality items have ordered more to give to relatives. Thanks

- Michelle Dodd

I bought this for my husband and he tells me that since wearing it the pain in his foot has diminished.

- Catherine Smaridge

So surprised how a bangle could make such a difference! Trust me, if you haven’t already you have to try it!

- Eloise Ramano

Thought I'd try one of these as I I have rheumatoid arthritis and after 3 days of wear I noticed a great improvement from pain. I would swear by one of these bangles for added relief. Thoroughly recommend!

- Nannie P

I had purchased cheaper copper bangles in the past, only to result in poor quality. These items are crafted beautifully and the quality is second to non! So pleased with my item, not only has it helped with my general aches and pains, I also have a lot more energy.

- Harry Tomlinson

Simply Amazing!

- Ben Bradley

Ever so pleased to see this help to reduce my pain. Superb quality & Excellent service.

- Deborah Phillips

I’ve been wearing this bracelet for 2 weeks. Bought it to help with my Arthritis. Am ever so pleased as have noticed a vast reduction in my pain! Have recommended to all of my friends!

- Susan Peters

I am a 60 year old woman suffering from Arthritis in my fingers, hands and wrists. These bracelets have been life savers for me. My pain is a lot less and I love my item. Thank you.

- Dorothy Horton

Wow . . I cannot believe the difference. Within a couple of hours I noticed a significant difference, a lot less pain and much more flexibility in my wrist and hands. I also have family members with similar problems and asked them to try the bracelet on for a little while - they too noticed a big difference within a short period of time and will be purchasing one of these bracelets themselves.

- Mr B

Although i’m in my 30’s I started to feel pain in my fingers, maybe due to RSI as I am a receptionist. I discovered it is the early stages of Arthritis in my fingers. I tried a magnetic copper ring and was so happy to find my pain is no longer there when I wear the ring.

- Sophia Rhodes