How Magnetic Healing Jewellery works to benefit your health

Copper was the first ever metal used by humans. Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, Cleopatra and Middle Eastern Artisans of the 5th and 6th millennia B.C. The Egyptians soon discovered the role of copper for good health as Copper possesses healing properties as they used Copper to Sterilise water, cure headaches and help with skin conditions.

During the Roman Empire, physicians used copper to cleanse the stomach and help to clear the body of toxins. The Greek Hippocrates also recommended copper for various diseases. In 1939, German medical researchers discovered that Copper Miners were unaffected by Arthritis, this led to an medical researchers discovering the link between copper being used to treat patients suffering from Arthritis, sciatica, joint pains and back and neck pains.

Copper is present in the human body as a mineral in trace amounts. It helps the body use iron and supports nerve function. Copper is found in all body tissues and plays a role in making red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. Some believe copper bracelets work through a process known as iontophoresis, whereby copper leaches excess sulphates from the body where they are deposited as a blue-green discolouration on the skin.

Magnetic therapy has similarly been around for many thousands of years. Approached as an alternative medicine, Magnets have been used throughout history to promote healing within the body. The use of Static magnets is said to help alleviate pains and other health concerns.

Researchers from the University of Virginia found that magnets help with: Depression, age related mental decline, help reduce pain and inflammation and much more. Our magnets are a powerful 3000 Gauss strength which offers high strength in order to promote healing. Dilation of blood vessels is a major cause of swelling, thus magnets help through limiting blood flow. Magnets also help with bruising and joint pains through helping our bodies to heal faster.

Magnetic therapy dates back to at least 2000 years ago. It is believed that magnets help to increase blood flow, working with the blood stream to help oxygenate the blood. Our bodies naturally have magnetic and electric fields. All molecules have a small amount of magnetic energy in them. It is believed that health problems arise when the magnetic field is out of balance, thus putting a magnet near our body is believed to help relieve pain and help our bodies stay healthy. Acupuncturists believe that magnets stimulate key acupressure points on the wrist which help alleviate pain.

We have taken these two powerful healing elements and combined them in the form of stunning jewellery pieces that offer maximum health benefits. Our items are versatile, stunning and suitable for everyday wear!

Reported benefits of Copper and Magnets include: Pain relief, helping Arthritis, joint pains, insomnia, anti inflammatory properties, helping to increase circulation and blood flow whilst also oxygenating the blood. The best part- Magnets and Copper are 100% Natural, drug free, non-invasive, safe and used all over the world!

Magnets & Copper Together

We combined two elements together to produce double the benefits. Both elements work through direct contact with the skin, offering a wide range of benefits to the user. Magnets and Copper can help with:

- Help relieve pain such as Arthritis, Rheumatism
- Help reduce swelling and joint pains
- Repetitive Strain Injury
- Osteoporosis
- Anti Inflammatory
- Improve circulation and blood flow
- Help with Chronic pain
- Headaches, migraines, back aches
- Increase energy, reduce fatigue
- Help promote faster healing, sports injuries
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Promote peaceful sleep
- Increase the production of endorphins helping to alleviate depression